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Our Profile

Our Company was established in Yangon The Best commercial city of Myanmar. We maily importing two product caltegories

1. steel materials
2.Scuffolding Materials

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1.In steel material categories

Such as Such as Deformed Bar,H.Beam,I.Beam,U.Beam,Angle Bar,Galvanized Hollow m.s Hollow,Chequered plate,M.s plate,Black steel pipe,Hdpe pipe,Galvanized pipe, and Pipe fittings

2.In Scaffolding Categories

Such as Frame scaffolding , Adjustable Prop,Scaffolding Tube,Coupler,Clamp,Walking Bourd,Plank,Scaffolding staircase, Ladder, U.jack,Base jack and All kind of scaffolding accessories. we always care for our products quality we care for our customers safety .Our customer satate faction is our Priority.